Elitrend is a Singapore based fashion jewelry/accessories store which provides an all-in-one, fun to shop destination. The concept of Easy-Chic will be translated through our specially curated items to help you unleash your unique style effortlessly.

The Golden Rule

Fashion constitute of 50% clothing; 30% accessories and 20% makeup!

Without the compliment of accessories and makeup, even owning a divine dress could only gain us half the score. In the pursuit of fashion, every fashionista across the globe abide by this formula. Imagine the formula without accessories and makeup, all the attention will be stressed solely on your dressing. Even with the most beautiful dress, we can’t possibly earn the perfect score. On top of that, how often do we find the perfect outfit that give us the full 50 marks? Hence, accessories is always an essential part & element in the new world of fashion.  

We believe that dressing well doesn't necessarily mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket, but rather, a pair of beautiful earring, a dazzling necklace, a soft brow look with a vibrant lip can simply add oomph to your overall style. Look effortlessly chic by following this golden rule, as fashion is the overall mix-&-match of your dressing, accessories and makeup, lacking any of thses aspects will not complete any look. 

There's an endless amount of chicness you can discover with our accessories which bring life and add flavour to your personality and outfit.
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